How Can a HVAC Repair Company Help You Avoid a Rather Expensive Mistake?

Protecting Restaurant Equipment from Power Surges

To combat summer heat and winter cold, restaurants must be equipped with reliable HVAC systems. However, when it comes to restaurant equipment, simply purchasing and installing a device does not guarantee its long-term efficiency. As a matter of fact, equipment failure is a common occurrence in restaurant facilities. One of the main reasons devices develop problems are power surges. So, if you want to protect your heating and air conditioning unit from power surges, hire a professional HVAC repair company. Here is what a true technician can do for you.

Install surge protectors

Just like the name tells, a surge protector is designed to protect electrical equipment against power surges. These devices are usually installed between the source of electricity and the HVAC unit. When a surge occurs, these devices make sure that no electricity spikes pass through them. In other words, your air conditioning equipment will be safe.

Adapt time-delay technology to your system

When a power outage occurs, the electrical system will experience brief power spikes for a few minutes after stabilization. These spikes may cause your HVAC unit to go on and off at a very high rate, and this may cause unprecedented damage to the equipment. A time-delay device protects electrical equipment for such sort of damage by delaying the grid recalibration process until the system is stabilized.

Upgrade inadequate wiring

Every commercial facility requires adequate wiring, especially restaurants. Due to the high energy requests restaurants have, major equipment damage can be caused if the wiring is not adequate. So, have your electrician inspect your electrical system in order to make sure that all your equipment is protected.

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