5 of the Most Common AC Problems

Reasons Why You Might Need an HVAC Repair Contractor

We are very glad that you have decided to visit our blog page. Here you will find interesting tips and other things about our services. At River City Restaurant Equipment, we spend a great deal of time thinking about the subject of our first article. So, we decided to talk about the five most frequent reasons why you might need the help of an HVAC repair contractor.

man repair air-conditioner1. Thermostat problems
The thermostat is the device that measures the temperature of the environment. This is how your AC turns on and off. So, if it is improperly placed during the installation or damaged by any other reason, your unit won’t work properly.
2. Refrigerant leak
This is probably the most common reason why you might require the services of an HVAC repair contractor. The factor that leads to this problem is that there is a breach somewhere in the system.
3. Filter problem
The filters of your AC might be clogged with air particles. When that happens, the filter should be changed. In order to be sure whether you have this problem, simply hold the filter up the light. If it can’t pass through, you need an HVAC repair contractor.
4. Compressor
The most common reason for problems related to the compressor is overcharging or undercharging with refrigerant during the installation.
5. Clogged drain lines
If the drain line of your AC unit is clogged with dirt or algae, this might turn into a very serious problem. The reason for this is that the water won’t drain properly, will go up, and might damage your air conditioner or even cause water damage in your house.

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